At KEVCO ROOFING PROS, we specialize in restoring, repairing, re-roofing, and maintaining both residential, commercial, and industrial roofs. We serve a variety of different industrial and commercial buildings, government buildings, apartment buildings, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, churches, and shopping centers.

A roof is a necessary component of a home or building that is always over you, day and night, but you pay little attention to it until something goes horribly wrong. Roofs are exposed to all forms of weather, yet in the end, they can cause major problems for you and your property. If you require roof maintenance, repairs, or an entirely new roof system. Kevco Roofing Pro’s team is only a tap away.
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Roof Inspections – Residential/ Commercial/ Industrial

Which types of roofing do we do?

Commercial Roofing

  • Single-Ply

Single-ply membranes are commonly used in low-slope roofing systems.
TPO, PVC, and Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer are some of the most often use single-ply membrane materials in commercial and industrial buildings (EPDM).

  • Shingles

Although shingles are most commonly associated with residential roofing, they are also widely used in commercial roofing. Shingles are an excellent choice for commercial buildings with sloped roofs because they offer long-lasting protection as well as aesthetic appeal.

Residential Roofing

  • Shingles

To choose the best roofing system for your home, Fiberglass asphalt shingles continue to rise to the top of the list, delivering an attractive, cost-effective, and long-lasting choice.

  • Metal

Metal roofing is a popular choice for homeowners searching for a low-maintenance roofing solution because of its unsurpassed longevity and robustness. Metal is highly durable, weather-resistant, and strong. In addition to the cheap lifecycle costs for homeowners, metal roof lasts for approximately fifty years with no maintenance required.

  • Specialty

It is more critical than ever to choose a roofing company that is both skilled and credentialed when contemplating unique materials. It’s wise to leave specialty roofing installations to professionals. Kevco Roofing Pros is an industry leader in customized roofing and can provide consumers with a wide range of options and exceptional service.

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